About me?

I've got a BA in Literature with a secondary focus on writing and media criticism, and prior study in advertising and graphic design. This led to a career in tech spanning more technologies than I care to count, but has included document conversion, web design, an off-road foray into manuscript evaluation, and now Software-as-a-Service e-commerce and consulting. Since 2004 I've worked directly with Fortune 1000 clients to ensure their success on major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, and with our sales team to help prospects understand what they need for success and how we can make it happen.

And now I'm building out this tiny nascent website as a place to talk about some of the things that interest me: e-commerce, of course, but also knowledge management, art and photography, and all sorts of writing. Ask me about documentation and why it's crucial to capture the vast quantity of just knowledge that's floating around your organization in emails, Google Drives, Box folders, scribbled in notebooks, and held in people's heads. How do the decision makers not think we need to get that organized?

Ask me about trying to figure out just what kind of apocalypse would be the most fun to write, and how hard it is once you get into the gritty details. Like, why do you never see bicycles on The Walking Dead? And why do they all wear t-shirts? Are there no survivors from the Society for Creative Anachronism? Do none of these people know how to make chain mail?

Ask me about how when you're just starting figure drawing, pretty soon everything begins looking like an egg.

And when you're going on an adventure, remember to pack your Oxford comma. There's no telling what you'll bring back if you go without it.